Our Massages are customized just for you. Our Licensed Massage Therapists utilize warm stones, steamed towels, and an aromatherapy oil of your choice to make your massage unforgettable.

Journey Signature Massage

  • Our custom massage experience is designed to relax, relieve tension, and soothe aching muscles
  • 30 Minutes$40
  • 60 Minutes$75
  • 90 Minutes$100

Pregnancy Massage

  • Our Pregnancy Massage is a full body massage for moms-to be, using safe and effective pre-natal techniques.
  • 30 Minutes$45
  • 60 Minutes$80
  • 90 Minutes$105

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

  • This massage, which utilizes heated Himalayan salt stones, eases respiration, stimulates circulation, calms the nervous system, and soothes sore muscles. Himalayan salt stones lightly exfoliate the skin while helping detoxify, reduce insomnia and relieve stress.
  • 60 Minutes$80
  • 90 Minutes$105

Seasonal Massage

  • Our Seasonal Massage utilizes the scents of the season to ease tension, soothe sore muscles, and help you relax. This specialty service also includes a delicious seasonal treat to enjoy after your massage. Please call to find out more about our current Seasonal Massage offerings.
  • 30 Minutes$43
  • 60 Minutes$78
  • 90 Minutes$103

Body & Sole Massage

  • Rejuvenate one of the hardest working parts of your body – the feet – with this relaxing massage. During this service, your Massage Therapist will spend half of the time relieving pain, tension and soreness in the feet, and the remaining time soothing sore muscles on the area you need it most.
  • 30 Minutes$45
  • 60 Minutes$80

Facial/Massage Combination

  • The ultimate in relaxation! Receive a full body massage from one of our Licensed Massage Therapists while one of our Estheticians treats you to a Signature Facial at the same time!$150

Head in the Clouds Massage

  • Clear your mind and relieve tension with a relaxing, therapeutic massage to the scalp, neck, back and shoulders
  • 30 Minutes$45
  • 60 Minutes$75

Side by Side Massage

  • Schedule a massage with a spouse, friend, or someone special in a side by side suite just for the two of you.
  • 30 Minutes (per person)$45
  • 60 Minutes (per person)$80

Hot Stone Massage

  • Our Hot Stone Massage utilizes smooth, heated stones to warm and relax muscles.
  • 60 Minutes$80
  • 90 Minutes$105

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Our Deep Tissue Massage focuses on the deepest layers of muscle, and is ideal for individuals with chronic muscle pain.
  • 30 Minutes$50
  • 60 Minutes$85

Chair Massage

  • At Journey Salon & Day Spa$1 per minute
  • At Your Location$1 per minute + travel fee

Sleep Session

  • Continue your relaxation after your massage has ended with a sleep session. Please schedule this add-on when you schedule your massage.
  • 15 Minutes$15
  • 30 Minutes$30